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Keeping Hope

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Hope is always on our minds here at Collect and Conquer and we LOVE receiving updates and photos from her and the team in Uganda. She is growing up fast and is turning into a well accomplished young woman.


For the first years of her life, she was abandoned and her mother was too sick to care for her. The House of Aroha gave her the home and care that she needed, and now at 11 years old she has been returning to her home village to spend time with her mother and help out where she can. Hope’s mother is HIV positive and needs help with the daily duties. In between school and life at the House of Aroha, Hope is now able to visit the village and be there for her mother.


Family values are so important and this is a strong key teaching at the House of Aroha. Hope is now at a place where she is emotionally stable enough to go back to the village and help care for her mother. At such a young age she has achieved so much, so many physical and mental battles have been won for her to be able to do this so each day gets easier as she leans on love and the grace of God to help her.


The mentors at the House of Aroha and in the local community are knowledgable and supportive in helping Hope and her mother create a sustainable income to cover the cost of living in Uganda. They are encouraging and assisting the mother and daughter team by making bricks to sell to people who are building in the community. The income generated from producing and selling bricks for builders will boost her confidence and self esteem, and enables them to be self sufficient and independant. This will also give her a platform to make her feel she can play an important part in contributing to the community in an ethical way. This is something they can both be proud to be a part of.


Remember; 5% profit goes straight to Hope, her education and helping her to help her mother. Your support is hugely appreciated!

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